Bank of America Plaza Enterprise Services


Bank of America Plaza offers a conditioned micro data center, state-of-the-art fiber connectivity, managed standby power generators and UPS. Bank of America Plaza tenants enjoy the benefit of an on-site, pre-built micro data center to enhance or replace their back room IT facilities. Unlimited connectivity options exist between tenant space via the building pre-built fiber optic backbone.


Bank of America Plaza operates a fully redundant, fully managed, telecommunication riser facility. The building features a pre-built fiber optic cabling system to every floor. Tenants have quick and easy access to over 30 major telephone carriers on site or can leverage the fiber for easy connectivity between floors. The building even includes an in-building cell phone antenna system, allowing reliable cell phone coverage and direct connection to all major cell phone operators.


Bank of America Plaza provides an impressive electrical infrastructure that translates into nearly limitless electrical capacity and unparalleled uptime. Bank of America Plaza's fully redundant (6 feeders served by one substation) electrical system is supplied by independent ONCOR power generating stations through several diverse feeders on the ERCOT grid. Supporting this reliability, the building is equipped with fully redundant switchgear consisting of four 14,000 volt riser feeds supplying over 10 in-building 500 KW substations that provide redundant 480-volt service through multiple 2,000 AMP electrical risers. To enhance the utility service, Bank of America Plaza provides managed standby generator and UPS power services in the building.


Bank of America Plaza features six individual cooling towers, and three chillers offering a 3,950 ton capacity. The system is strategically interconnected to operate as an N+1 system that allows for maintenance bypass during servicing, as well as emergency failover should any component go off-line. The system serves a building-wide supply that delivers condenser riser water directly to special use and datacenter HVAC equipment. Additionally, Bank of America Plaza features a 2 million gallon chilled water system to quickly respond to unexpected demand.

Available Wireless Carriers

Clear Wireless

Available On-Net Carriers

Cogent Communications

Internet network services


Voice and Data Business Services

Lumen (CenturyLink, tw telecom, Level3)

Data, Internet

Logix Communications

Data, Internet Network Services

XO Communications

Voice and Data Business Services

Charter Comm (Time Warner Cable)

Cable TV, Internet

Zayo Group

Data, Fiber, Internet Network Services


Internet Wireless Network Services

Building Network Solutions



Internet Web Site, Network Protection


Telecom Services Dial-Tone and Internet

Belwave Communications

Broadband Wireless Internet Solutions

Consolidated Communications

Voice and Data Business Services

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