Standard for Health & Sanitation Practices

At Bank of America Plaza, the safety and wellbeing of our tenants, their employees and guests are our top priority.

We are aligned with the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, governmental ordinances and enhanced industry-wide health and safety standards. As a result, we have put in place the following comprehensive protocols and procedures for the building amenities: L42 Conference Center & Lounge, 901 FiT, Valet Parking and Bicycle Sharing Program.

L42 Conference Center & Lounge

The following provides information and guidelines for using the L42 Conference Center and Tenant Lounge.

General Rules for All Spaces

Enhanced Cleaning & Disinfecting
Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting will be done between reservations and require 1.5 hours to complete; therefore, bookings will be limited. Please plan accordingly when booking the use of the amenity.

Social Distancing
Practice social distancing in all areas of the building, including the L42 Amenities.

You’ll notice new signs on L42 promoting safe social distancing and health and safety standards, including traffic flow, restroom hygiene, and amenity space seating availability.

Hand Sanitizing Stations
Three-hand sanitizing stations are available for amenity visitors on L42.

Face Masks/Coverings
A face covering, compliant with
US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, is required when using the L42 Amenities (over the nose and mouth.) Tenants are discouraged from wearing gaiters or face shields instead of face masks/coverings.

L42 Amenities will operate at a reduced capacity, provided individuals can maintain social distancing of six feet, per governmental orders. Furniture is arranged or removed to promote social distancing.

The Training Room will have one layout, classroom style, to maximizes social distancing and capacity. Please do not change the configuration.

Maximum Capacity Per Amenity Area
Training Room: 18 People (Max)
Boardroom: 4 People (Max)
Tenant Lounge: 50 People (Max)

Entry & Exit for Tenant Lounge
When entering and exiting the tenant lounge, adhere to the directional signs located on the double doors. Each is to be utilized as an entrance or exit only. When entering the tenant lounge, use the double doors located near the Bank of America Plaza building model and when exiting, use the double doors located near the boardroom.

L42 Restrooms
The restrooms are available to tenants while using L42 Amenities. Floor decals are placed as a reminder to follow social distancing guidelines of six feet or more when waiting in line or inside restrooms on 42. A face covering is required when using the L42 restrooms (over the nose and mouth.) Tenants are discouraged from wearing gaiters or face shields instead of face masks/coverings.

Food and Beverage
All food and beverage items brought into the Conference Center and Lounge must be removed or properly discarded in trash containers before leaving the area(s). There is a $50 fee for food and beverage clean-up.


901 Fit

At 901 FiT, delivering a healthy way of life to our tenants and their employees is our top priority, and we want you to know that when you’re ready to come back, we’re prepared for you. From a carefully phased approach to reopening to enhanced cleaning protocols and social distancing, together, we can make the club experience safe for all. The Re-opening Strategy includes:  (1) preparing the fitness center, (2) implementing new procedures and guidelines, (3) equipment management, (4) educating fitness center staff, and (5) reconnecting with our tenant members. The following provides operational details for each of these areas considering guidelines from the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, governmental ordinances, and enhanced industry-wide health and safety standards.

Staffs’ Guidelines:

  • Staff must wear gloves and masks at all times when in the facility, including while disinfecting.
  • Team must self-screen daily before entering 901 FiT for any new or worsening signs of COVID-19, as published by the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC).
  • Personnel are to wear face masks to enter the facility and at all times throughout the facility.
  • Provide enhanced disinfecting and cleaning protocol, all areas.

Tenant Members’ Guidelines:

  • Members must self-screen daily before entering 901 FiT for any new or worsening signs of COVID-19, as published by the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC).
  • Members must wear face masks to enter the facility and throughout the facility while maintaining a six-foot distance from others.
  • Members must wash their hands upon entering the facility and before using any equipment.
  • Members must maintain a minimum of 6 feet from all other members and staff.
  • Members may remove their face mask while using the cardio equipment and must replace their face mask before exiting the equipment.
  • In addition to the proper and frequent disinfection protocol that the staff will follow, tenant members must wipe down all equipment before and after use. Disinfecting wipe dispensers and hand sanitizing stations are available throughout the facility.

Operational Changes:

  • The facility will operate with limited hours and reduced member capacity. Exercise sessions are managed through our reservation system. You will log into your gym account to make a reservation for an exercise session. Sessions are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis and limited to one exercise session per day, per member. If you find that you will be unable to keep your reservation, please be kind and cancel your booking to be available for another member. We are allotting for 90 minutes per reservation session (includes exercise, shower, changing). 901 FiT is closed to all members after each session, while the facility is thoroughly disinfected and cleaned according to US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines.
  • Designated Entry and Exit. NanoSeptic product is on all door handles.
  • Additional signage is on display as a reminder to social distance, wear a mask, and follow the fitness center rules and regulations.
  • Disinfecting wipe dispensers and hand sanitizing stations are available throughout the facility.
  • TVs on cardio equipment are disabled from use.
  • Equipment will be 6 feet apart to allow for appropriate distancing and disinfecting. “Out of Service” signs are on equipment taken out of use to provide social distancing.
  • There is reduced capacity in locker rooms for available lockers, showers, and sinks.
  • Amenities in the locker rooms are not available at this time.
  • Group exercise suspended until further notice.
  • An enhanced disinfecting clean of the facility is performed between all exercise sessions.
  • Personal training services are available but at reduced capacity.

We will continue to review all appropriate guidelines regularly and communicate changes through email, our website, and social media pages.


Valet Parking

The following procedures are designed to create a welcoming, clean, and safe environment for our tenants, their employees and guests utilizing valet parking services at Bank of America Plaza.

Guest Arrival
When the guest arrives in the valet drive, a valet attendant will direct the vehicle to the correct stopping area. Only when signaled should guests exit their vehicles.

Initial Greeting
Once the guest vehicle has stopped, the valet attendant will open the driver’s door and then step back to provide the guest with a safe zone to exit the vehicle.

Ticketless Valet System
Bank of America Plaza utilizes technology to provide a ticketless system to avoid contact with the guest “paper” ticket and providing options for the guest to retrieve their vehicle.

ACE 3 & 3 Approach
Valet attendants are fully trained on the 3 & 3 Approach or Three Wipe Down Process. To ensure guests and team members feel safe, the valet attendant will wipe down:

  • On Arrival
  • On Retrieval of Vehicle
  • On Departure to the guest

The valet attendant will wipe down the three high contact areas addressed below at a minimum.

First Wipe

Vehicle Possession & Parking
Once guests have exited the vehicle, the valet will initiate the “First Wipe” of our “Three Wipe Down Process” that flows through our possession until the guest departs.

Wipes located on the drive and used to clean the following vehicle surfaces when parking and unparking the guest vehicle.

  • The steering Wheel
  • The door handles
  • The trunk knob, if needed
  • The gear or brake handle
  • Ignition starter button

The valet will then park the vehicle and sanitize the keys before storing then in the secured key box.

Vehicle Retrieval
The ticketless system allows guests to retrieve their vehicles through text/ APP.  Signage will prompt guests on how to do this and avoid any congestion on the valet drive.  Guest payment options are as follows:

  • Mobile Payments
    Bank of America Plaza offers a cashless operation, and by utilizing the ticketless systems, the guest can pay for parking within the system.

  • POS Payments
    Credit cards are processed through a “no touch, no signature” system.

  • Tips
    Customers will be encouraged to add tips through the mobile or POS payment systems and not utilize cash dependent on property coordination.

Second Wipe

Returning Customer Vehicles
Once a vehicle is requested, the valet attendant will collect the keys and go to the vehicle, initiating the "Second Wipe" down before bringing the vehicle up for the guest.

Third Wipe

Personal Property/Package Loading
When the guest is ready for their vehicle, the valet performs the "Third Wipe" after any personal property has been placed in the car.

Guest Departure
With the door open, the valet attendant steps back for social distancing with guest and after guest is seated, closes the door and sanitizes the door handle and any other touch point.

Post-Departure Sanitizing
The valet attendant sanitizes their hands and returns to the designated posting position or next guest vehicle. The valet stand is completely sanitized with each change in personnel.


Bicycle Sharing Program

All equipment is thoroughly sanitized and cleaned after each use according to US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines.



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