Bank of America Plaza’s ownership, Metropolis Investment Holdings Inc., would like you to meet your new colleagues – honey bees! Like you, they’re buzzing and hard at work!

As an environmental initiative and a way to give back to our community, Bank of America Plaza has partnered with Alveolebuzz to move toward a more eco-conscious city by taking honey bees under our wing and hosting two hives on the roof of the 800 Main Garage.

Sharing the city with honey bees is simple, easy and natural. Honey bees are just one of the many species of pollinators, in addition to butterflies, bumble bees and wild bees, with whom we share our urban area. In fact, bee colonies flourish in urban areas. Why? Because urban environments lack pesticides, have an abundance of water and floral resources, and provide a temperate climate.

More than 75 percent of the world's food crops rely on pollinators. Through their pollination, bees not only promote biodiversity, but they also secure our food supply. Unfortunately, several species of bees are at risk for extinction in North America. This decline in pollinators coincides with a growth in demand for agriculture, resulting in a rise in food cost.

Before its revival by city folk, beekeeping was an agricultural practice based on the economic benefits of honey production. Today, urban beekeeping largely exceeds economic necessity and helps to raise awareness surrounding industrial agriculture and its devastating impact on the environment.

The good news is that this past summer, our thousands of new colleagues have been pollinating our city’s urban flora, and their honey will be harvested at the end of the season to share with our community! To learn more, follow us on Instagram @bankofamericaplaza for upcoming information about workshops, and virtual activities!

For updates on our hive, please visit MyHive.

To Live Stream our Hive, please click the link to go directly to our LIVE view and see what all the buzz is about!.

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